The Loma Current

Listening tragically is an overlooked skill. After 3 seasons and 23 episodes of The Loma Current I have been fortunate to practice just that. Each episode I brought on a wide variety of students leaders. Not all were the best interviews, and by failing I learned a lot, but there are some definite gems in here.

Season 2

Episode 10 – The Ministry with Mexico Team

Episode 11 – Shameless Plug for Point Radio’s “Ya Boys from Burma”

Episode 12 – Amy and Chris, The Power Couple of Tutoring Ministries

Episode 13 – Ella and Living Zero Waste

Episode 14 – The Fantastic Freshmen of Zion Ministry

Episode 15 – BREAK Gender Equality Club

Episode 16 – Tori and Alyssa are International Peace Studies Majors!!!

Episode 17 – Emme Fridge and Kayla Thomas are LIVE!!!

Episode 18 – Cast Interview, The Women of Lockerbie

Season 3

Episode 19 – Starting Early with UNITE

Episode 20 – Long Detours and Rabbit Trails with Evan Hamner from Ministry with Mexico

Episode 21 – Concussed Conversations with Cassidy Klein

Episode 22 – It’s 4:30 on a Tuesday. Dane and Lauren are Talking Micro Finance.

Episode 23 – Cassidy’s Back!!! L’Arche and The Disabled God

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