Meeting Climate Change with Art: Improving our Narratives

There are a lot of things we need in order to face climate change. Individual action and policy change are necessary, but we often overlook the importance of stories. Narratives help us to create meaning, and we are in desperate need of meaning. Narrative becomes the way you make sense of chaos. That’s how youContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: Improving our Narratives”

Meeting Climate Change with Art: The Space Before Definitions

This post was originally part of an email list with a group of like-minded student artists, but I turned it into a blog post so more people can have access. Enjoy! One of the big things I will be doing with this email is sharing art that either points us in a cool direction or makesContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: The Space Before Definitions”

Meeting Climate Change With Art: An Introduction

The following series is adapted from a set of weekly emails I’ve been sending out to AMAZING student artists while a student at PLNU. I’m sharing them here so people can easily access old ones, and because I think this is too important not to share. Why Am I Doing This? This project began withContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change With Art: An Introduction”