Meeting Climate Change with Art: Hope

This marks the final part of my 3 part series on RAGE, Despair, and Hope. If there is an overarching take away within the series, it is that each emotion has its proper place. Just as we need to remember Hope, we can not ignore the presence of Despair. Without an honest expression of Despair,Continue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: Hope”

Meeting Climate Change with Art: The Intersection of Race

This week starts with a particularly heavy subject – The intersection of race and climate change. So, I’m going to jump straight into it with a fantastic Ta-Nehisi Coates excerpt shared to me by our fellow artist Cassidy Klein. The following is from Between the World and Me. Read it! This excerpt is too powerful to abbreviate. “… PlunderContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: The Intersection of Race”