‘Trees in Trouble’ by Daniel Mathews

When people think of climate change, one of the first things brought to mind is often the growing frequency of high severity wildfires. These fires cause destroy communities, pollute the air, and often decimate our already struggling ecosystems. As a Californian myself, I’ve grown up knowing fires well. However, 2020 was completely unlike any fireContinue reading “‘Trees in Trouble’ by Daniel Mathews”

Wilderness and the American Mind by Roderick Nash (5th Edition)

It took me a while to get through this one, but I’m finally finished and I’m excited to share Roderick Nash’s incredibly influential Wilderness and the American Mind. It’s worth noting that I have complicated feelings about this book, but I stand by recommending it to anyone serious enough to finish this 385-page history ofContinue reading “Wilderness and the American Mind by Roderick Nash (5th Edition)”