Meeting Climate Change with Art: Video Games

It’s been a long time coming, but video games are finally reaching popular recognition as an art form with unique possibilities to positively influence the larger cultural landscape. To be sure, there will always be a market for mindless video games just as much as there is a market for mindless tv and film, butContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: Video Games”

“The Nature and Aim of Fiction” by Flannery O’Connor

I decided this post is going to be a little different from the other ones I’ve published. Instead of writing on a whole book, I’ll be focused on a single lecture of Flannery O’Connor’s included in a larger collection of her writing, Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose. You may have guessed it from my title,Continue reading ““The Nature and Aim of Fiction” by Flannery O’Connor”

Meeting Climate Change with Art: Turning up the Heat

Heat has been used in many stories for many different reasons. When it comes to films, a beating sun and sweaty costume design aren’t always as simple as staging some setting in a desert or showing some survivor getting beaten down by the sun on a life raft. Hot weather – and the many waysContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: Turning up the Heat”

Meeting Climate Change with Art: Improving our Narratives

There are a lot of things we need in order to face climate change. Individual action and policy change are necessary, but we often overlook the importance of stories. Narratives help us to create meaning, and we are in desperate need of meaning. Narrative becomes the way you make sense of chaos. That’s how youContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: Improving our Narratives”

Meeting Climate Change with Art: Hope

This marks the final part of my 3 part series on RAGE, Despair, and Hope. If there is an overarching take away within the series, it is that each emotion has its proper place. Just as we need to remember Hope, we can not ignore the presence of Despair. Without an honest expression of Despair,Continue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: Hope”

Meeting Climate Change with Art: Despair

I’ve been pushing off writing this blog post for quite some time now. COVID19 has upended our entire lives, and this project faced no special treatment. But I’m still here. I’m writing this blog post, and I want to continue this project because I think it’s truly important. The theme for this post is Despair.Continue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: Despair”

Meeting Climate Change with Art: RAGE

I’m going to spend the next few posts diving into a couple of key emotions that often surround the issue of climate change – RAGE, Despair, and Hope. As you may be able to deduct from this week’s title, we’re talking about RAGE today! Who else gets MAD when they think of climate change? HOW LONG HAVE WE KNOWN? HOW LONG HAVE OURContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: RAGE”

Meeting Climate Change with Art: The Intersection of Race

This week starts with a particularly heavy subject – The intersection of race and climate change. So, I’m going to jump straight into it with a fantastic Ta-Nehisi Coates excerpt shared to me by our fellow artist Cassidy Klein. The following is from Between the World and Me. Read it! This excerpt is too powerful to abbreviate. “… PlunderContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: The Intersection of Race”

Meeting Climate Change with Art: The Space Before Definitions

This post was originally part of an email list with a group of like-minded student artists, but I turned it into a blog post so more people can have access. Enjoy! One of the big things I will be doing with this email is sharing art that either points us in a cool direction or makesContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change with Art: The Space Before Definitions”

Meeting Climate Change With Art: An Introduction

The following series is adapted from a set of weekly emails I’ve been sending out to AMAZING student artists while a student at PLNU. I’m sharing them here so people can easily access old ones, and because I think this is too important not to share. Why Am I Doing This? This project began withContinue reading “Meeting Climate Change With Art: An Introduction”