Pod Justice

Photo by Abhilash Sahoo on Pexels.com

We’re constantly surrounded by the glaring images of global injustice, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed and turn away fatigued. That’s why I started this podcast.

I sat down and recorded several in depth 45 minute interview. Then, I edited it down into dense, bite sized, conversations on topics we all can easy get our heads around. We focus on big things on Pod Justice, but we always make sure to bring it back to the little things that add up.

Pilot Episode – Ethical Clothing with Elaine Giles

Other Episodes On The Way:

Another 9 interviews are finished and currently being edited for a solid 10 episode season 1. Here’s a little sneak peak:

Episode 2 – Dr. Lisa Raser: Using Nonviolent Communication in Hard Conversations

Episode 3 – Emme Fridge: Making Room for Justice in Your Diet

Episode 4 – Elaine Gyles: Knowing How to Thrift

Episode 5 – Zack Lickteig: Going Green by Commuting on a Bike

Episode 6 – Brian Becker: Thinking Deeply about Masculinity Part 1

Episode 7 – Brian Becker: Thinking Deeply about Masculinity Part 2

Episode 8 – Lauren Perez: Fighting Human Trafficking

Episode 9 – Ella Osterweil: Trying to Live Zero Waste

Episode 10 – Kayla Thomas and Emme Fridge: Creative Outlets for Self Care and a Balanced Life

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