Meeting Climate Change with Art

What is ‘Meeting Climate Change with Art’?

‘Meeting Climate Change with Art’ is an ongoing series of blog posts exploring the intersection of art and climate change. Much of the conversation around climate change focuses on consumer habits and public policy, but we often ignore the unique responsibility artists have to meet this moment.

How to Check it Out?

Several of my favorite ‘Meeting Climate Change with Art’ posts can be found on Medium (e.g. Hollywood Needs Better Climate Change Narratives and Art and the Emotions of Climate Change). However, most of my content originates here on WordPress. You can find my full project archive here or you can scroll below to read my 8 most recent posts.

Recent Posts:

Meeting Climate Change with Art: Video Games

It’s been a long time coming, but video games are finally reaching popular recognition as an art form with unique possibilities to positively influence the larger cultural landscape. To be sure, there will always be a market for mindless video games just as much as there is a market for mindless tv and film, but…

“The Nature and Aim of Fiction” by Flannery O’Connor

I decided this post is going to be a little different from the other ones I’ve published. Instead of writing on a whole book, I’ll be focused on a single lecture of Flannery O’Connor’s included in a larger collection of her writing, Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose. You may have guessed it from my title,…

Meeting Climate Change with Art: Turning up the Heat

Heat has been used in many stories for many different reasons. When it comes to films, a beating sun and sweaty costume design aren’t always as simple as staging some setting in a desert or showing some survivor getting beaten down by the sun on a life raft. Hot weather – and the many ways…

Meeting Climate Change with Art: Downsizing & First Reformed

This post was originally part of a larger post looking critically at how common themes of climate change have been finding their way into popular films. However, that post was getting LONG and I decided to cut these movies out for a part-2 of sorts. In the original post, I split these common Hollywood narratives…


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