Drinking Water: A History by James Salzman

Drinking Water: A History provides an open-minded, wide-view of perhaps the most vital resource in human history. I was extremely excited when I first found this book, and it did NOT disappoint. Over the course of one week, I methodically annotated each of the 258 pages with a complicated personal system of underlines, squiggles, stars,Continue reading “Drinking Water: A History by James Salzman”

It’s Your Ship by Captain Michael Abrashoff

If you haven’t already heard of this book, the subtitle tells you exactly what it’s about “Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy”. At it’s core, this book is about the people and forces that shaped Captain Abrashoff’s counter-cultural approach to leadership and the lessons he learned commanding the USS Benfold. It’sContinue reading “It’s Your Ship by Captain Michael Abrashoff”

“Telling the Truth” by Frederick Buechner

Buechner (pronounced Beek-ner) delivers an honest, simple, and all the while profound book with Telling the Truth. With the intriguing subtitle “The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy, and Fairy Tale,” it is clear Buechner approaches this subject from the tradition of a Christian preacher. Buechner regularly addresses “the preacher” and does not shy away from theContinue reading ““Telling the Truth” by Frederick Buechner”