Meeting Climate Change With Art: An Introduction

The following series is adapted from a set of weekly emails I’ve been sending out to AMAZING student artists while a student at PLNU. I’m sharing them here so people can easily access old ones, and because I think this is too important not to share.

Why Am I Doing This?

This project began with the framework of 2 developing two art shows on PLNU’s campus (April 2nd and April 24th, 2020), but this is about more than a couple of art shows.

I think Climate Change is the largest issue humankind has yet to face. It’s like nothing we’ve ever met before, and artists have a unique responsibility to step upArt creates meaning, and we’re desperately in need of meaning here

We’ve all seen protest posters and murals that say “Save The Planet”. I love those. I think they’re great, but… We need more than that. This group is about pushing our boundaries. We need art that hasn’t been created yet. We’ll create some things that don’t quite work out, but that’s part of the process.

My focus is on Artists. Art shows are cool, but I’m looking for something more important. I want YOU to leave here confident in your ability to create art that articulates those deep challenges of climate change just a little better than you did before

(This post has since been combined with content from ‘The Intersection of Race’ and ‘The Space Before Definitions’ to form a larger story on Medium).

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