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If you’re here in search of something autobiographical, I can point you over to a story I wrote on Medium, “About Me – Cameron Catanzano”. Otherwise, I’ll keep the personal introduction rather short.

I’ve been writing blog posts and creating podcasts for a few years now, but my diverse interests and wide ranging passions have often made it hard to organize my seemingly unrelated creative projects. Rather than let it all remain separate, I launched this website.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Recent Posts:

‘Trees in Trouble’ by Daniel Mathews

When people think of climate change, one of the first things brought to mind is often the growing frequency of high severity wildfires. These fires cause destroy communities, pollute the air, and often decimate our already struggling ecosystems. As a Californian myself, I’ve grown up knowing fires well. However, 2020 was completely unlike any fireContinue reading “‘Trees in Trouble’ by Daniel Mathews”

‘The Vaccine Race’ by Meredith Wadman

We stand at a moment of tremendous importance in the history of human medicine. biotechnology companies shattered records last November when they finally submitted results to the CDC and FDA for the approval of multiple novel coronavirus vaccines, and the United States is about to roll out the largest and most aggressive mass vaccination campaignContinue reading “‘The Vaccine Race’ by Meredith Wadman”